Parole status

A person who has been granted parole in place is eligible to apply for adjustment of status if the only barrier to adjustment is lack of inspection and admission. It does not remove other grounds of inadmissibility. An applicant for adjustment of status must still satisfy all of the other requirements.

Request for Proposal 65DPS-S928. Nevada Parole and Probation is seeking proposals for services to provide a comprehensive workload and time study of the division’s Parole and Probation’s Specialist IV positions for use in preparing the division’s biennial budget. Jun 05, 2007 · As for finding out about parole eligibility--it won't tell you if the offender is up for parole.. It only gives you very basic info about where the offender is located and the projected release date, which is the date the offender is expected to be released if not released on parole earlier.

Recommended Search Results Recommended Search Results. Enter Location. Enter Location The Tennessee Board of Parole makes the schedule of parole hearings available for the convenience of the public. This list is updated each Monday, unless that day is a holiday. When a Monday holiday occurs, the list will be updated on Tuesday. To view the current schedules for Tennessee State Prisons and County jails, follow the links below.

Latest Parole Actions by Month. Parole Board actions are listed below. The list shows the month a file was uploaded along with a link to .pdf document that contains detailed information. Parole eligibility date is subject to change. PLEASE NOTE: Hearings that occur at the end of the month may not make that months Parole Action report. Peace Officer Status of Probation and Parole Officers October 2006 (States noted with * have been updated for 2005/2006. See complete description on-line at