8 maravedis 1833

· Spain, province de Taragone, Ferdinand VII, 5 Pesetas #25589: Spain, province de Taragone, Ferdinand VII (1808-1833), 5 Pesetas 1809 small 0

The lowest value was an old measurement from the middle ages, the maravedi. 34 maravedis made 1 real. 16 reales made 1 Escudo. In practice, by the precious metal standard of the day, one ounce of gold was considered to be worth 128 ounces of silver. The silver dollar, or 8 reales, was also referred to as a peso, or duro. km427 4 Maravedis (1788-1808) Charles IV : km489 4 Maravedis (1816-1833) Ferdinand VII : km530 4 Maravedis (1837-1855) Isabel II : km428 8 Maravedis (1788-1808) Charles IV : km461 8 Maravedis (1811-1817) Ferdinand VII : km486 8 Maravedis (1815-1833) Ferdinand VII : km491 8 Maravedis (1817-1821) Ferdinand VII : km502 8 Maravedis (1823-1827 ...

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1830 SPAIN 8 MARAVEDIS at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Assess world coin values with the World Coin Price Guide on NGCcoin.com. View Spain 8 Maravedis prices, images and mintage info. Coin: 8 Maravedis 1823-1827 Erstes Kingdom Coin catalog > Europe > Spain > Erstes Kingdom. Prices in this Overview table are some quality grades together (incl. Auctions and Shops) to make it more simple - detail data you can view by clicking a line (Eight maravedis of 1835, jubia mint, value on back with mintmark. Very nice, rare thus, about Uncirculated.) This eight maravedis was worth 1/34 of a dollar; history does not record the reason for the odd division. This type was struck in Jubia 1835-36 and was accompanied by copper four maravedis.

Orientaprecios de Monedas de Reyes Católicos a Fernando VII. Vendido en Subasta: Fernando vii, 8 maravedis 1833. segovia.. Lote 184575328